Sunday, April 30, 2006

Betfair Night Out/Month End

Its been a week or so since I last blogged so I thought I would put a quick post up as an update.

Firstly, the flashmob didnt get up and running tonight as we only had 9 players at the cut off time so it got cancelled,big shame, hope they keep going, and there were a few of the regulars missing. We had an impromptu flashmob game instead, old stylee, and got 9 out of 10 players in the game. I think I ended up about 5th or 6th after trying to push snap of a pot with 7 3 off. Anybody else I would not have been involved, and vice versa, anyone else snap may well have folded. Lesson learned. So if you are reading snap, I promise never try to nick your chips again okay? ;o)

Got a night out on Tuesday as part of the betfair forum council, got an email out of the blue from ruru at betfair asking if I would be interested in testing their upcoming new software. Looking forward to it a lot and to meeting the other 9 betfairers who are going. Some I have met before and some I have never heard of but they are all v good players, so I am not sure why I am going! I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so cant tell you how I get on with the testing but will report in on how the day went when I get back.

Monthly accounts are done and I am £123.44 up for the month putting me up to just over £1300 in the bank to play with. Good to get back to winning month.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Nasty Man!

Was playing a few £1 stts with my mate sav tonight and as I sat down at a table Robert174 sys out of the blue "cairns you are sh1te at this". Took me back a bit it did to say the least. I thought he must have been looking at my sharkscope stats and would obviously be a succesful players himself, heres his stats:

373 games played
$-2 ave profit
$3 ave buy in
-69% ave ROI
$-989 Profit
LLLLLLLL Current Form

Apparently he has seen me play a few times and doesnt rate me. Well I'm no pro, but if I was ever losing nearly £600 I would consider jacking it all in. People in glasshouses shouldnt throw stones. He went out before me but I went out in 5th for no money, perhaps I am sh1te after all.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Betfairs Loss is My Gain

Betfair software was playing up last night (again), so loaded up the Sporting Odds software for some saturday night fun. Ended up only playing 3 stt's but managed to win all three. Two $10s and a $5. Now its not unusual to cash in three in a row but for me to win them outright is something I don't think I have done very often. Usually I end up playing "just one more game" and losing, but not last night - mainly due to being knackered and nodding off during the last of the three games.

Hopefully, the Betfair software will be okay tonight for the flashmob game as I need to avenge last weeks result when I bubbled (4th out of 21). My game seems suited to the flashmob games at the moment and a bit of luck just at the right time never does any harm (organisers priveledge). I have consistently finishing high up the positions recently. Look out for me going out first tonight then!

Still searching for the eight man for Team Flashmob, there have been plenty of volunteers, mostly, I guess, trying not to miss out on the action on what should be a great night/weekend in September. Plenty of time to get the last man (or indeed woman I suppose). Spiderman, Noonday Minstrel, Easter 1916, and whiteartlane are volunteers at the moment. I think waiting for the list of confirmed players at the main event might be the best bet.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Month End

March was a losing month for me overall, ending £19.12 down, with about £1200 in the bankroll its not such an issue. However, its only the 2nd ever losing month I have ever had and it doesnt feel good. Played too many MTTs I think so in April I will be back to the STT circuit in ernest.

Update on Team Flashmob for BFWCOP II; MC Roller cant make it and kfw has had a identity crisis and changed his name. Big shout to Smart Money who has offered to sponsor the team and provide the team kit, with names etc on it. Nice one. Steviep, UKGatsby, and Shalimah are all deffo not available, but I have had plenty of interest from elsewhere. Redcar if you are coming back for it then the 8th spot is obviously yours, just say the word. Latest team in no particular order is:

Smart Money
boro_fc (aka kfw)

Having an STT fest today on PaddyPower and Betfair,playing anywhere from $3 to $20 6 and 10 seaters. Not going to bad at the mo.