Friday, March 30, 2007

A few quick footy bets for you

After last weeks success with the yeovil bet, I best put up this weeks in advance:

Liverpool @ 2.32 v Arsenal
Blackpool @ 1.88 v Crewe
Rochdale @ 2.50 v Lincoln

Dont say I didnt tell you.

Poker will be mostly played this weekend after a hectic week of work and piss ups.

Monday, March 26, 2007

10 8 is the new Rockets

10 8, preferably not sooted seems to be the hot hand of the moment. Just been busted out of a multi on crapto by this monster of hand beating me TWICE. First hand v my AA and the massive 10 8 hit a fh to put me down to 100 chips. Managed to double up a couple of times to 400 and then got dealt AJ (allegedly snaps favourite hand by the way as it reminds him if his hero), stick em in and am called by errm yes, 10 fecking 8. The straight is made on the river and I am crying all the way to bustsville.

Further my post about how shite tiscali is/was, they have only gone and done me over with a duff MAC so my migration to a new ISP is now stalled. Fookers.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I need a challenge in my (poker) life

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, poor connectivity to the net due to Tiscali and extreme overload at work have led to a lack of poker and even more of a lack of updates to this blog.

Firstly, Tiscali, if anyone is think of ever signing up to this ISP then please do not! I have been a loyal customer for many years and everything was fine and dandy up until about the start of December. All of a sudden i was unable to connect to some poker clients from about 7 until 9:30ish. All web surfing was a normal but no poker (at least not betfair, any of the playtech skins) etc. Apparently they have installed some kind of traffic management on their system which happens to affect some applications. They assured me that they would seek a resolution straight away but nothing was forthcoming. Then during the xmas and new year break everything was back to normal - suggesting that it was a capacity problem. 3 January comes and back to the bad ways again, but since then it has been slightly worse being off from about 5pm until 11 everyday. Now the obvious thing to do would be to change isps, but as I was away with work for a few weeks I couldnt really do this and when I got back Tiscali announced they had fond a solution and all would be sorted within a matter of days, so I hung on for a bit longer. Every time I decided to move isps Tiscali would pronounce on their forums that they expected to sort it all out in the next few day etc. Anyway, enough is enough and I am off, and all should be back to normal very soon. God I sound like tiscali!

On the poker front I have managed 5 final tables so far on gats' thread this month which is rather nice. Most of them have been on betfair but not until either late at night or early morning, so hopefully with a better net connection i can get into some better timed mtt (ie early evening) on betfair.

I have lost some direction to my poker and I really do need some kind of challenge so will be on the look out for one over the next weeks, and I there are any readers left on this blog then please feel free to suggest one.

See you all at the tables, soon!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Night £2 MTT Mayhem

Right listen up fools, I am going to play every £2 MTT on crypto from 7pm through to the Thunnnnnder game at 10pm, which means 6 games. I have already two Final Tables this weekend and I aint gonna stop here.

My progress/results:

7pm - 281 Runners - 103rd
8pm - 359 Runners - 164th
8:30pm - 242 Runners - 62nd
9pm - 301 Runners - 262nd
9:30pm - 235 Runners - 80th
10pm - 312 Runners -92nd

utter shite