Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feb News and Omani Trip Report

As suspected I was slightly down for the month of Feb, the Poker Tournament Tracker Stats are as follows:

From 02/01/2008

Total Buy-Ins: ($ 664.95)
Total Gains: $ 603.97
Net Gains: ($ 60.98)
In The Money: 27.5% ITM
Return On Investment: - 9.2% ROI
Games played: 40
Hours played: 40.7 h
Hourly: ($ 1.50)
ITM from Bubble: 100.0%

1st: 2
2nd: 4
3rd: 2
4th: 3
5th: 2
6th: 2
7th: 3
8th: 1
9th: 2

However I was $138.48 down from MTT buy ins, not winning any and only cashing in 13% of games. STT-wise, much better, $77.50 up, in the money around 44% of the time. Total over the two months so far I am still up, although only by $133.90.

Total buy ins were about half of what they were in January, mainly I guess because of going away with work again. This time it was a short 3 week trip to Oman. Weather was nice, the rest was shit, thats all you need to know. On the poker front, I did play 11 STTs with a bunch of crazy septics that were also there - cashing 7 times. Not a bad record, but when you think their favourite hand was "big lick" (6 & 9), you can see why they made my trip easier on the pocket! Decent bunch of lads though, even for spams.

Not much of March left to play and I dont really feel like playing that much at the at the moment, will have a couple of STTs to get me in the mood. ttfn