Saturday, January 06, 2007

What a shocker of a day

Right I have played 11 STTs today and cashed in just the 1. I mentioned in my new year blog that I was going to keep more details records, well this has included a short resume of the crucial hands in STTs that either help me (not too many of them) or kill me off. Here are the 11 short comments from todays games:

AK caught by quad 6s early on for half starting stack, waiting for a spot and went with A4 in co, called by KK, no help

Folded JJ to massive pressure early on, they flip over TT and K9 not matching the Q high flop at all. Later, all in with KK called by AQ, A on the river

Going mostly well, down to 4 in 2/3rd hit top pair on KJ8 board all in, called by AJ, 2nd J on the turn

Going well again despite being ss when down to 5, last 4 push on a KJ8 board with J9 called by J4, turn a blank, 4 on the river and I'm done.

Played alright, mostly got to blinds 500/1000 so bit of an all in fest, but happy to cash after 5 without success

V quiet most of the game, eventually all in with AJ sooted, called by KK

Doubled up early. Comfortable late on 3rd in chips, took on 2nd after hitting top pair with no kicker, he flips better kicker - Bad play

OTT all in pre with AK he flips over J9 sooted and hits his flush by the turn. Recovered a bit, then all in with A8 called by T8 by bs

Got short stacked, eventually went all in with AT called by 2 and one of them hit a str8

Always + chips after a good start however one of two shorter stacks with 5 left blinds 200/400 1200 left, me bb other ss on sb goes all in I have A7 so calls, he flips over K8, and an K comes on turn.

FFS! Out on 4th hand, limped with A6 flop comes down A A 8. Lots of mini bets, turn comes down a 6, bingo, I raise, get re raised all in, easy call for me, he flips over A8.

Best I jack it in for the day, now a couple of the plays were bad from me, but some of the outdraws, bad timing and beats have done my head in today.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jump Back to 06

Forgot to put up the financial report for Dec and for 2006 as a whole, so here you are:

Dec 06, hmmmmmm the worst month since records began by a very long way too. -£272.86 was the figure, not helped by a losing cricket bet of £118, but even if you took this away its still the worst month ever ever ever.

December does have to be balanced off against the rest of the year however, and looking on the bright side I started the year with a bank of £914.36. The final figure was £2057.89 having also withdrawn £490 over the course of the year. Best month by a long way was August with a £700+ boost (December obviously being the worst). Only 3 losing months in the year was also a positive. Happy with last year and positive about this one already and by using my Quality over Quantity adage I have cash (but not won) in 3 out of 4 STTs played so far this year.