Tuesday, October 24, 2006

500 Games on Betfair

The ajcairns account on betfair is officially 500 STTs old.

The account is the grand total of £154 in profit, which is an average of 31p profit per game. Have a look at the profit/loss graph cut and paste from sharkscope, which has shown a steady rise, with only a couple of blips, the most noteable one when I stepped up a level during the day and couldnt hack it, soon learnt my lesson.

Anyway, heres a couple of other graphs, firstly ROI, which is not so good at the £10 level:

And a one the littler ones where it shows my finishing position in the £5 STTs:

No world beater I'm sure you'll agree, but it beats being a loser!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Snap reckons I dont tilt, and he is probably right but I have never really thought about it much. But he got me thinking about it.

Being on tilt means letting your emotions beat your ability to play. Most players go on tilt at some point, so limiting it is essential to winning long term. Poker is a game that requires reason. You also need to know when to fold, especially when you feel a bit tilty. By letting your emotions take control you keep chasing those draws, hoping to catch the card that you need and "hope" you are not beat. You have to stay focused and rational while at the poker table. Mostly you will tilt due to a bad beat or if you just can't seem to win a hand and while it is natural, you need to limit it.

The best way I find if I feel a bit tilty is to sit out a couple of hands and go for a piss or make the missus a cuppa. Not immediately though, but after the next hand, cos getting a monster on the very next hand after a beat is a great way to double back up. Imagine you have just suffered a bit of a beat - and then you get dealt bullets, best thing is a quick go in the chat box "lucky b", "fuckin fish", "grrrrrrr", and then you stick your remaining stack in the middle. You will get calls from all sorts of rag hands, bingo. But only wait for that one hand and if you feel tilting, step awaaaaayy from the pc, and do as advised above.

When you are away from the table, reset your thoughts, change your train of thinking and come back with a neutral perspective of the game you are playing.

Take each game on its merits, each game you play is a seperate entity and is not linked to the previous one, so why let your previous game affect the one you are playing at the moment.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Race for the 5th Mob Title

Not quite on the same scale as the race for the 11th WSOP bracelet, but to me nonetheless important.

UKGatsby landed his 4th Flashmob game last night (see his blog for details) and joined yours truly on 4th wins, since forever. There are loads who have won two games, and the vast majority one (some have never one won, lol), but me and Gats are out there on 4 each now. Gaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeee On. wp last night Gats. First to 5 wins.

btw, back at home as my course got cancelled due to lack of interest.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Message for Hype

Hype, Offline now, if you get owt sorted, or just fancy a beer or two drop me a txt on 07986080480

away for two weeks now, down in portsmouth, catch you all later

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bit of an Update

Had a live cash game round the house last night which was good. I'm not a great fan of cash games and much prefer stts and mtts but as there was only four of us we were kind of forced in the the format. Did quite well and was slightly up on the night.

One stt played tonight and one win, might just leave it at that. I'm away at the wekeend for another work course for two weeks in sunny pompey. Anyone down there fancy a game then give me a shout.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Re my last, I have just done 8 STTs in a row and not cashed once.

I think it is all in the mind! Just played the 9th and got a 3rd so the run is over.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lacking in Commitment to the Bloggage

I really should update this more often. I have however been very busy at work, ensuring that the world stays free from tyranny, which let me tell you is not an easy job at all. I have almost been shamed into an updated by the £2 and above thread on the betfair forum, where all the blogs get a mention, but if you aint updated it in the last week your link isnt in bold, the shame of it!

Anyway, on the poker front, my steady rise has continue with a £112.78 profit for Sept 06, which has taken my overall bank over 2.5k. I have promised "she who is to be obeyed" that I will withdraw some and do something useful with it. We shall see. And the cynics amongst you will no doubt be expecting a slump due to a withdrawal on the account.