Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Poker Game at Last

Finally found some lads that play poker over here. Went down on Sunday night for a $25 freezeout and then a cash game. Was happy with the way I was playing and trundling along with 4 left (out of 8, only 2 paid), when I got a AA on the button, happy days as they say out here. UTG calls. I raise 3 x bb, SB folds, BB calls, and does the limper. Flop comes Q T 3 rainbow, and its checked to me. Substantial bet from me sees BB call, and original limper fold. Flop comes A of spades, showing two spades. He checks I go all in. He umms and ahhhs for a while then calls for all but a couple of hundred chips, and flips over T2 of spades. Of course I deal myself the spade that I dont want and I am out. Marsalaama Mutherfucker.

I played in a cash game after for a while (.25/.50 blinds), bought in for $60 and left with $71 after an hour or so. Play was average at best and I should have walked away with a bit more but tried to get clever with a muppet and lost about 18 bucks on one hand towards the end.

These guys play regularly and I will mostly be playing as much as I can with them from now on, so could be profitable. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Iraqi Poker Tour (IPT) Progress so far.

Tournaments -$25
Cash +$11

Ciao for now.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Every get the feeling you aint welcome?

The locals aint happy.

Its still a massive big bag of wank here and cant wait to leave. Miss the family, miss peace and quiet, miss POKER!

Thanks to gats for the illustrious award in the monthly post, although I wouuld rather have got a poker award.

Hope you are all having a fab time in the uk.