Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Look Back at the Resolutions for 2007

I thought I might look back almost 12 months to my new years resolutions for 2007 and see how I have done. Admittedly I wasn't expecting a spell in hell for four months which certainly changed my outlook, but that is all over now so wont dwell to much on that.

This is a copy and paste of the resolutions with my take on how it has gone.

Make a profit at poker for the year. Passed, I cant gibe you an exact figure but I have more in my accounts and have withdraw loads. I am going to email betfair for a rundown on my poker activity and will let you know in a separate post later.

Speak my mind a bit more on here and on the Betfair forum. Probably failed but deffo not elsewhere, where I have found now if someone is getting on my tits, they soon know about it.

Lose a bit of weight. Passed, lost about a stone while away, but have put a bit back on since getting home. Must try harder next year.

Qualify for a live event through a satellite. Failed. A big regret but was hampered by going away. Will be high on the list next year.

Get good at Darts. Has to be a fail - although I am "better" I still cannot class myself as good. 26 is still my favourite score.

Update this Blog more often. 39 posts (plus this one so 40 ) in '07. 81 in '06 so a fail.

Have less Poker snacks. While I was here a fail, but wasn't here for a third of the year which helped. A fail overall though.

Keep even more detailed records of my Poker. Fail. Stopped keeping records completely until December so must keep it up from here.

Do less Sports Betting. Well I have spunked a hundred quid on cricket this year and done alright on the footy bets. But I have done more Sports Betting not less, so technically a fail, although made more cash. Must get the right wording next time.

Walk to work more often. While I was here I passed, although again need to review the wording as I got my push bike out. Next year will be tougher cos work is now 2 miles further.

Quality not Quantity Poker. Overall a fail i think, before I went away I may have passed but leading up to going away I was playing like it was going out of fashion, same when I came back for a weeks R&R and then also when I got back for good.

Go to bed earlier. Pass, still had a few late nights, but overall went to bed earlier.

Play more Golf. Big time fail. Only played once. Takes up too much poker time, but will try harder next time.

Cut down portion sizes. Pass, made a concerted effort to eat smaller meals, and mainly managed to do it.

Cut the grass regularly. Pass, although it helped not being here for the majority of the summer as I may well have lost interest

Buy a PS3. Passed and its fucking awesome!

Go to (or at least arrange to go to) Las Vegas. Failed, far to difficult this year. Maybe next as I still have a shitload of Virgin Airmiles.

Be more patient with the kids. Passed I think, mainly due to being/going away. Deffo makes you appreciate the little gits more.

Spend some of my Poker profits on good stuff. Passed, A big telly, Sky+, plus other goodies have all been bought with my ill gotten gains.

Reduce the amount of Poker clients on the laptop from 22. Passed! We are now down to 11, more work to be done, but deffo better.

So 10 Passes and 10 Fails, but am happy that I managed to get some of the important ones passed (PS3 obviously) and some were badly worded so could have been a lot better.

Its been an incredibly interesting year, one which I don't really want to repeat again anytime soon. I start a new job in January which will bring with it new challenges and new travels no doubt and I am really looking forward to it. Next post I think will be my blog review of the year, obviously a shorter one than last year!

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Message

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you have a great time and everyone gets all the presents they want. I am going to make a conscious effort not to play on xmas day, although if there is a decent bonus tournament I might...

Frustrating time on the poker tables at the moment, I have had a couple of finals tables including a 2nd in the $1.5k gtd on betfair for 300 bucks, but I have had soooo many close encounters when I have spunked off a load of chips close to the ft, and flunked it. High on my list of new years resolutions will be more patience.

I think the next post will be my review of the year, and then one of aims and resolutions for 2008.

Merry Christmas