Friday, April 27, 2007

Weekend Poker and the Usual Value Footy Tip

Already bombed out the $1750gtd on betfair, having laid down QQ pre flop (to be fair there were 3 all ins before me!), I was all proud of myself and thought I had built a clever image at the table. Raise a hand x3 BBs (how else?) holding AT sooted and get one caller, floppage arrives as A 7 3 which looks good, I check (with the intention of check raising to increase the "clever" image further. So t'other fella duly raises, I reraised him to about 450, but bugger me he reraises me all in. I aint having any of the shite, I am the man and call, he flips AJ... Ahhhhhhh, I'm out and look like a numpty instead of a well placed clever player who should be feared. So its $10 STTs mostly for me for the rest of the night/weekend.

Now, regular readers will have noticed I am on a bit of a streak as far as the footy bets are concerned, with some great value tips over the last few weeks. This week is a toughy with a distinct lack of a standout value bet for you. Portsmouth (@3.15 on betfair) may do well at home to Liverpool who have bigger fish to fry. Leeds (1.81) go into a must win game against Ipswich who have nothing to play for, but backing Leeds at any odds these days is a sure fire path to the poorhouse. Into League One and Yeovil (1.77) who are usually good at home are a good bet to consolidate their play off position against an average Donny side who also have nowt to play for, although they aint too bad on the travels, a trip down to the south west is a different proposition. In the basement, Accrington Stanley (2.2, exactly) could be a value bet but both them and Macc Town have it all to play for and the Ince factor, and the fact he may actually lead them ON the field may be a danger.

Sooooooo, I have gone for Bournemouth (2.00) at home to Gillingham as theeee value bet of the weekend. Bournemouth need a result to finally confirm that they will be playing league one footy again next season and welcome back sick note Anderton to add a little class to their midfield. Add to this a poor away performing Gills side with nothing to play for, this stands out as about the only obvious choice of the weekend. Get on early before the price plummets!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Quick Challenge Update

Great footy tip at the weekend again eh?

Anyway, quick game on crapto tonight and managed to get a 2nd

Game 34 - 2nd - +£1.80

Bank now at £9.20, the big comeback begins.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend Value Footy Bet and The Plan

QPR, no more to be said. I am on at 2.3 on betfair, not sure why they are that long. Cardiff aint good away and QPR are pretty good at home. Anyway, there is the value, get on.

I have also done a Liverpool, Man U, Preston, Yeovil and Swansea multi, but it aint that great value and I am only on for interest.

The Plan for the weekend goes something like this:

Play Poker, drink Red Wine, Sleep, Poker, Sleep, Poker. Straightforward.


Just lost headsup in the Betfair $1750gtd and collected $350 which is nice, last hand was a bit of sickener as usual:

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 200080937 *****
NL Texas Hold'em $10 Buy-in + $1 Entry Fee, Level:15 Blinds(2,000/4,000-200 ante) - Friday, April 20, 23:05:40 GMT 2007
$1750 GTD Regular $10+$1 NLH #68182
Table 1 9-max (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Total number of active players : 2
Seat 4: ajcairns ( 116,511.50 )
Seat 7: villa23 ( 171,488.50 )
Tourney Level:15 Blinds(2,000/4,000-200 ante)
ajcairns posts ante [200]
villa23 posts ante [200]
ajcairns posts small blind [2,000]
villa23 posts big blind [4,000]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to ajcairns [ 2h, 3d ]
ajcairns calls [2,000]
villa23 raises to [8,000]
ajcairns calls [4,000]
** Dealing Flop ** [ Qd, 4c, 3s ]
villa23 bets [10,000]
ajcairns calls [10,000]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 2c ]
villa23 bets [20,000]
ajcairns goes all-in
ajcairns raises to [98,311.50]
villa23 calls [78,311.50]
** Showdown **
ajcairns shows [ 2h, 3d ]
villa23 shows [ Ac, Qs ]
** Dealing River ** [ Ad ]
** Hand Conclusion **
villa23 wins 233,023 from main pot with two pair, Aces and Queens

I dodge that A and he is left with only 20k in chips and game over, instead I'm gone. Not too pissed off with it though as I had had AA three (lol) times on the ft and got paid everytime. Form is Good at the moment.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

MTT Win, 2nd and more on the STT Challenge

Running Goood at the mo, Won Betfair MTT (90 runners) earlier in the week and last night lost headsup in the MKOP Royal Rumble on Betfair, both paying out $100+, and the MKOP qualifying me for the end of month final. My loss headsup was a blow at the time, but not being a tilter, these things dont affect me too much long term. The last 3 hands played out like this:

Easy chip leader 70k v 30k ish, and check raise t'other bloke all in with top pair, he calls with an up and down str8 draw which hits on the turn. Next hand nothing unusual, then next hand check raise him all in again with top pair (me this time all in), and this time he calls with Ace high which lands on the river. Hey Ho!

So back to the STT challenge for a bit:

Game 31 - 5th -£1.20
Game 32 - 4th -£1.20
Game 33 - 5th -£1.20

loads of bollocks tbh, bank at £7.40, soon be over

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Sunday

Great footy tips for you all again this weekend, making money on footy bets now as opposed to poker which historically $been the opposite way round.

Going to try and advance this STT challenge as I am stagnating and going nowhere fast, making a massive £3.80 so far (not including rakeback lol)

Sunday Night updates here:

Game 27 - 4th -£1.20
Gamw 28 - 4th -£1.20 lol
Game 29 - 3rd +£0.80
Game 30 - 10th -£1.20

So close and yet so far tonight, apart from the last game of course (QJ eventually all in on a flop of AQQ, called by AA!) -£2.80 for the night. Bank at £11.00, wow up a whole buck. The next game is crucial, god this is tedious.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Saturday Tips and an STT Update

Footy Tips, Reading (1.94) and Portsmouth (2.18) for me at decent prices as singles and rolled up with Man U (1.28) for a treble. Value as ever.

As for the national, well I have looked long and hard and cant for the life of me narrow it down to less than about 8. Everytime I look I see benefits in backing others so I am for the first time ever I think I am not going to back anything!

Good luck with your selections.

Saturday afternoon STT results in the £10 to £100 challenge are here:

Game 17 - 3rd +£0.80
Game 18 - 1st +£3.80
Game 19 - 4th -£1.20
Game 20 - 2nd +£1.80
Game 21 - 5th -£1.20

So not a bad afternoon, +£4.00, Bank at £14.80. Need to get to £20 then I will get on the £3 games as I am going nowhere fast.

Saturday Evening:

Game 22 - 5th -£1.20
Game 23 - 4th -£1.20 2nd in chips and trying to bully the little stacks push with AQ only for the big stack to call with T8 and hits on the river.
Game 24 - 6th -£1.20
Game 25 - 1st +£3.80
Game 26 - 6th -£1.20

Had enough for the day, -£1.00 for the session bank at £13.80, going nowhere fast.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

£10 to £100 STT Challenge Update

Had the night off last night for a home game with the lads (and lasses) from work which was good, apart from a small loss on the night. Plenty of Red wine and good banter more than made up for it though.

Here are the latest STT results in my £10 to £100 challenge with dibble:

Just on the £1ers at the mo

Game 2 - 10th -£1.20
Game 3 - 3rd +£0.80
Game 4 - 1st +£3.80
Game 5 - 8th -£1.20
Game 6 - 3rd +£0.80

So +£3.00 for the session. £16.80 total bank after 6 games. Aint so bad.

Thursday Update, no need for a new post everyday:

Game 7 - 5th -£1.20
Game 8 - 8th -£1.20
Game 9 - 2nd +£1.80
Game 10 - 6th -£1.20
Game 11 - 9th -£1.20

So -£3 for the night, which is a bit of a blow. Bank is now atr £13.80. Five more games tomorrow.


Game 12 - 5th -£1.20
Game 13 - 2nd +1.80
Game 14 - 4th -£1.20 (all in with TT when comfortable 2nd in chips on a 852 flop big stack calls with K2, King on the river, twat)
Game 15 - 7th -£1.20 AA beaten all in pre, by Q9
Game 16 - 5th -£1.20

So more of the same tonight, but aided and abbeted by a bottle or so of red, it looks like Dibbs has the edge so far. Bank at £10.80.

Monday, April 09, 2007

£10 to £100 Challenge

Was a having a chat with bad boy dibble on msn tonight and was talking about not having an aim in my poker life, so he suggested we have a little challenge. £10 to £100 by playing no higher than £3 stts. 1st one to do it wins a tenner. Game on then dibble, good luck, and I will post my progress on here.

Starting Bank is £10.

Update. 1st game 1st Win. lol I love this challenge already!

Buy In £1 + £0.20 Returns £5 Profit £3.80
Bank = £13.80

Nearly there!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Weekend Footy Bets

After last weekends fantastic tips, I have thought long and hard about this weekend games and have come up with the following:

Sheff Utd @ 2.50
Ipswich @ 2.00
Bournemouth @ 2.08

Get On !

On the poker front I have had an up and down a couple of days, won a few stts and a had a couple of winning cash sessions, but I have deffo spotted a leak in my game and it is the cash side of it. If I don't start well, I spiral away in the session and basically play until the buy in has gone, which quite often makes me chase on other tables to make up for it. I reckon I will have to jack in cash games, I have said it often enough but never done it. We will see.

And come on, someone try the Full Tilt link so I know its working!

Update on the footy bets - robbed in injury time of a profit, bugger. More value bets to come soon though!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bits and Bobs

Just a few minor points for the blog.

End of the month accounts are done and March was another losing month I'm afraid, but for only £43, which is an improvement on the last couple of months. For the forthcoming month I need to plug the leaks further and turn a profit. I need to focus on the games I am playing, dont play when tired, dont play when time is short, and all will be good.

I have also added an affiliate link to Full Tilt where I have been playing quite a bit recently. I need someone to sign up t it and test it now pleaseeeeeeeee.

And hey, how good were those footy bets!