Saturday, May 31, 2008

Done My Conkers

A fucking horrible ending to the month to be honest, and possibly my worst month I can remember. I cant cash in an MTT to save my life at the moment, and while i have never played them a lot, it pisses me off and is obviously affecting the way I am playing elsewhere to try and make up for it.

The unedited stats for the month in all their glory:

Total Buy-Ins: ($ 1391.99)
Total Gains: $ 1072.36
Net Gains: ($ 319.63)
In The Money: 26.5% ITM
Return On Investment: - 23.0% ROI
Games played: 68
Hours played: 44.9 h
Hourly: ($ 7.11)
ITM from Bubble: 64.3%

1st: 3
2nd: 9
3rd: 5
4th: 11
5th: 8
6th: 3
7th: 6
8th: 6
9th: 4

To put a bit of meat on the bones, I was (only?) $92.50 down from 41 $25 STTs which is most worrying as I was up until a couple of days ago, but they started to chase the overall loss which has obviously affected me as I only cashed 3 times out of 10 (one second and two thirds) yesterday and today. I also bubbled 3 times on the trot, which is galling. You will see the 4th place figure sticks out above - it wasn't so bad until Yorkshire Puddings comment on the blog a few days ago, thanks Pud, your fucking banned!

The monthly loss puts me down overall for the year (up on STTs tho) so where to next? I don't really want to narrow down my game to just 25 buck stts as that would do my head in, but they should be my mainstay i suppose as I am still up in those games this year. Perhaps I will try a month of just playing them, unless of course there is value to be had in an mtt somewhere.