Sunday, December 31, 2006

...and for 2007

So onto the new year then. I have been thinking about doing some resolutions for 2007 and they are, in no particular order:

Make a profit at poker for the year.
Speak my mind a bit more on here and on the Betfair forum.
Lose a bit of weight.
Qualify for a live event through a satelitte.
Get good at Darts.
Update this Blog more often.
Have less Poker snacks.
Keep even more detailed records of my Poker.
Do less Sports Betting.
Walk to work more often.
Quality not Quantity Poker.
Go to bed earlier.
Play more Golf.
Cut down protion sizes.
Cut the grass regularly.
Buy a PS3.
Go to (or at least arrange to go to) Las Vegas
Be more patient with the kids.
Spend some of my Poker profits on good stuff.
Reduce the amount of Poker clients on the laptop from 22.

Okay thats just about it, lets see how I get on.

Bloggage Review of the Year

I have just had the misfortune to re-read my blog for the past year and thought I would do a TV stylee review of the year so here goes:

Gave up Cash poker after losing $46 on betfair over 2 days.
Gatsby banned for life from the Betfair Forum.
Decided to play Cash on Sporting Odds instead, and won $47 in one session.
Lost headsup 3 times in a row in Flashmob games.
Broke through the £1000 bankroll barrier.

Lost $25 in one sitting playing cash on Sporting Odds.
Won $320, winning a 99 runner mtt on Blue Square.
Left home to work away during the week for 5 months.
Dibble joined the world of Blog.
Won a Flashmob MTT.

No Winners at the Cheltenham Festival, but loads of high priced places.
Team Flashmob is born.

Apparently nothing interesting happened in Apr.

Visited Betfair HQ to look at some "new" software.
Went to the Big Slick with Betfair and a corporate credit card.
Won a Flashmob MTT.
Betfair Forumite Focus.
2nd in a 1 cent buy in MTT on Mansion for $200.
Broke through the £1500 bankroll barrier.

Dests joined Team Flashmob.
Smart Money sponsored Team Flashmob with personalised shirts.
Increased Virgin Airmiles Bank to 76000 miles.
Played (and won) at Omaha Cash.

Blog interest at an all time low of 2 posts, neither of which merit a mention here.

Won £2 Thunder MTT for £200 and change.
8th in the £4k gtd for just over £100.
Doubled Betfair Bankroll in just over a week.
6th in the £4k gtd for £200.
Played live at Norwich Poker Club.

Away with work for most of the month.

Broke the £2.5k Bankroll barrier.
8 STTs without a cash.
Gats wins 4th Flashmob MTT and joins one of the most exclusive clubs on earth.
500 STTs on Betfair.

Won 10pm £2 thunder on UK Betting for £155.
3rd in Pokerplayer Magazine Open live at the Loose Cannon Poker Club, London for £440.

Lost a packet beting on the Cricket.
A bad month on Betfair STTs.

So there you go, hope you enjoyed that. It has been a good year for me personally and on the poker front (December excepted), I didnt set any goals for 2006 but I have a few in mind for 2007 so will put them up in aseperate post tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I only blog when I'm winning

And I have had a fairly bad month hence the lack of posts. I am in no doubt that the end of month/year results will show two things. Firstly it will show that December has been my worst month since records began, one of the best results I have had was finishing second in a headsup match as part of the betfair forum headsup champs, round one of course. I cant explain it, Snap thinks I sound like a man who doesnt mind losing and half expects too. Well I dont like losing, but when I do it doesnt affect me very much, which could be seen as not caring. Going eight stts without cashing is a problem and it pisses me off but when I start a new game, I dont think of the previous games as to me they dont affect the here and now and there is nothing I can do to change it. Anyway, rant over.

The end of the year will also show that I have, over the course of the last 12 months made a fair few quid and probably only had two losing months, so musnt grumble. Just got to sort out what is happening at the moment and we will all be happy. One thing I do need to sort out is my headsup play cos its frankly shocking if I even manage to get there!

Maybe I should post on here more, as while I have been typing this I have just managed a 2nd in a stt on betfair, so you see I do only blog when I am winning. Shocking headsup play though.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cricket Tilt

I dont tilt much or very often but I seem to have been severely affected by a (relatively) big loss on the cricket last week.

I had a tenner on the Aussies before the start of the second test, which seemed entirely sensible. However, after England had built up a massive 1st innings score I decided to get out without a loss, by laying the aussies at long odds. Well the rest is history, with a second inning collapse I am now a ton or so down on the event.

Added to this I am unable to cash in a stt to save my life. I have now played 7 $10 stts on betfair and had a couple of 4ths for my troubles. I feel as if I should play to recoup the cricket loss, but the longer the losing streak goes on the worse it is.

It doesnt help when my AT gets beat by A7 to put me out in 4th. But hey, thats poker!